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Remember if we have the correct pronounciation of your child's name, we can spell it on the personalized label according to your specification!  If the desired name does not come up, please give us a call so that we can help you. For Prices please go to CD/DVD Info.
For more information on personalized Kids Music CD's and prices please click on "CD/DVD Info" on the left hand side.

ORDER a personalized Music CD NOW

Kids love to hear the sound of their own name in personalized Kids Music CD's. During the formative years children are especially sensitive to audio stimuli. They are prone to remember not only words and melodies but also the messages in the lyrics.

Personalized Kids Music CDS and personalized children's books and toys carry personalized messages which promote the child's sense of self worth and foster family values.

Don't pass up this chance to take an easy step toward improving your child's self esteem. 
Phone: 1-780-434-0759 

For dealer information please contact us with your name, address, phone#, email address and tell us when you want to become a dealer and what your ideas are about the busines. One of our representatives will contact you shortly after we have received your email.Thank you for your interest.

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If you have any questions or problems when you try to do that, don't hesitate to call KIDS MUSIC CD's Tel.: 780-434-0759 and someone will return your call and guide you through the steps.



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