Baseball's Unsung Hero


Roger answeed the phone. "This is the coach! Come over here right away. You're going to pitch the game today," said the coach of the New York Yankees. The coach hung up before Roger coud ask any questions. "Wow!" Roger thought. "This must be a dream!" Roger packed his gear and spikes and headed for the door. He thought, "Wait until I tell Wyatt, Oma and Grandpa about this!" Roger stopped on his way to the car to pitch a few balls at the bulls-eye painted on the broad side of the barn. 

All armchair athletes will enjoy this comical, personalized story. This book is most appropriate for "big" baseball players.
Hard Cover book, 36 pages     age 10-60
Price: $25.50 +S&H + GST  or free with 3,300 points

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